How to show her that I care? , Should I put more effort into it or not?

I know this girl , she is older than me , divorced
We met on tinder , didn't have the chance to meet in real life
She is 41 , moved from her home town to a city in my country
She works all day and only few times i can find her online
Sometimes she see my messages and dont reply
Is it obvious that she dont like me
by the way there are a lot of different men where she live that is hotter than me
Help please
We chat for a few times on tinder , after that i got her number and she is on my fb now


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  • Maybe she’s just too busy to reply sometimes since she might be caught up in work and that? How many times do you message her and are the convos usually forced or entertaining

    • Forced conversation , she reply upon the question , sometimes she ignore it , i dont know if she is looking for a hookup or a relationship or just nothing at all
      Why in the first place did she match me , gave me her number and her fb , im just wondering

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    • I can see kinda why she’s a bit distant then, nothing personal she just doesn’t trust people as much as she’d like to but yeah I agree with leaving it for a bit and then she might come back you never know!!

    • Yea ur right

  • All I see are insecurities talking. The very first moment you start showing a lady that you're Mr. Needy, there is no way a girl/woman will keep interest in you! If you can show her that you're a confident man and you have something to offer, she will come to you!

    Think twice: what do you really need from this woman?

    • So u mean play hard to get

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    • I know it’s not easy, but you can make it!

    • Its okay i guess she is not interested , why the hell did i get a match then from her on tinder then
      I dont know anything about her , tried so many times to make her open up to me but she wouldn't , she is russian , she gone through a divorce she was chubby and wear glasses back then after she moved out she lost weight , lost her glasses and became prettier
      But if she is not ready for a serious relationship she can tell me upfront or tell me that she is not interested in me

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