What should I do to create romantic tension/keep him interested in the early stage of dating?

We met on dating app. He asked me out for a drink, and we ended up having dinner as well and talked for 2 hours. He texted me right after the date saying he had a good time and would like to meet soon.
The next day after the date, he texted me to see how my day was, and we chatted a little bit, and then he asked me out for a second date, which is 4 days after the first date.

On the first date, we talked a lot and had fun, but we didn’t have the “chemistry/romantic tension” nor did we kiss, we just talked and got to know each other. He also asked me if I’d be okay to live in the country where he’s from (which made me wonder maybe he’s looking for something serious?). I couldn’t tell if he’s romantically interested in me. He was just very polite, asked a lot of questions about me, and insisted to pay for the bill.

Guys, from your perspective, is he interested in dating me?
How do I create the romantic tension between us? and how do I keep him interested?


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