My girlfriend and I met online but she hasn't deleted her profile, why?

We've been dating for almost 5 months now and she's been logging in daily to the dating site where we met do I have any reason to feel uncomfortable or to be upset?


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  • She might tell you that she was checking up on you since you have been logging in daily to see if she's been logging in daily, she has the opportunity to turn it around on you.

    • Straight up. How would you know she logs in, unless you are doin the same thing?

    • You can hide your profile and still log in. No one will kno you were on. Can't message anyone while your hidden tho.

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  • ye you have a lot of reason to be upset I think you should sit her down and have a word with her about it tell her its upsetting you she should understand


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  • Very much yes. Confront her on this. Tell her to unsubscribe now.

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