Do you prefer independent men?

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  • You gotta be able to take good care of yourself. So independent in sense.


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What Girls Said 2

  • No i prefer mamas boys. Of course every girl likes independent men. Common sense.

    • But... but... mommy cooks so well 😦

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    • I was obviously kidding 😂🤣 This question is the first one I entered when joining the website and it is not clear
      I guess my real question is do you prefer when your boyfriend leave you alone and never kiss or touch you during the day...(like a cat) Or do you prefer if he always tries to touch, hug, kiss you (like a dog)

    • I dont have a boyfriend. But when i do have a husband because i dont do boyfriends. But since you decided to ask dirty irrelevant questions i will give you a very straight forward reply my husband will be the luckiest man to have me in his arms and he will respect my wishes. Lets just leave it at that.

  • Ofcourse, I need a team mate not a child.


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