Could it work out?

So this girl is 18 im 15 but she dosent look 18 and we both act the same and all we got along very well and we laugh a lot every time with each other and she's been getting flirty with me recently, whar do you guys/girls think?
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  • When it comes to relationships with an age gap its like climbing a ladder

    As you age you climb the ladder and sometimes you will try to grab a step higher than you can reach or stand on one far to low the end result is you fall or get no where.

    So climb one step at a time I. e one year above your age and one year below

  • Uh. I don't know. I think it's weird for an 18 year old girl wanting to he with a 15 year old boy. I know I'm definitley not interested in younger guys. So I don't know. b

  • Get it in young blood! Take as much advantage as you can and DON'T get attached just enjoy the moment bc she's not gonna around for long and you'll never talk to her again. Lose your virginity and get as many extra rounds as you can. Girls NEVER date down, they just mess around a few times. Trust me


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