Girls... what do you actually want in a man?

I've never had a girlfriend in my life
And I just don't know what I'm doing wrong, Im not a nerd or things like that, I go to partys some times, not always but some times.

Any way, what do girls really want in a guy?


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  • Of course loyalty, trust, and communication. It takes time to meet someone you genuinely connect with; I am in the same dilemma as you with guys. Personally, I want to meet someone who wants to adopt animals and foster animals. It's common that both guys and girls eventually want to settle down and have kids. However, I do not want kids -- they are great, but I want to work and travel and marry sometime in my thirties.


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  • A good personality, confidence, humor, intelligence, loyalty, likes kids and animals

    • Its just that i have that kind of things... but any way I dont get a girlfriend...
      I dont know... I think I just have to keep waiting to meet a girl that likes me 😔

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    • No, not at all. Also you are really good at art

    • Oh thanks😆 I really apreciate it

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