He deserves better?

So my boyfriend liked this photos https://imgur.com/a/H6tOKWn on the gram. He claims he likes me and such and says he loves me. He tells me that we make a good match and tells me I am good the way I am.. but then likes photos of these women... I am a bigger girl and my body looks nothing like these women.. Should I break it off? He makes me so happy otherwise.. but why do guys like photos of girls like this? To hurt their girlfriends feelings? Make them feel worse about their bodies? Maybe he deserves better and to get one of these girls?


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  • Only one of those girls is hot, now that this is put of the way. You cannot stop your man from liking pictures or talking to other girls unless he's being disrespectful with it, at that point you will sense it.

    You're just insecure, controlling and manipulative, calm your tits and lose weight if you're gonna assume that everybody is out to get you because you're fat or think you're fat, you might just be crazy who knows. You're throwing a fit over a man liking pictures of everyday looking women.

    • Oh look who it is.

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    • I am really insecure which is causing me to be crazy, and I have to fix myself. I am trying to lose weight, it's just not coming off. I also have PCOS but I am not letting that hold me back. I am sorry if I got bitchy with you. but you are right. Can I fix not being insecure which is causing me to become crazy?

    • First thing you have to do is become comfortable with who you are, no one is perfect and no one feels 100% confident all the time, so don't assume you won't have moments when you're feeling down. The goal is not to become perfect but to be happy with who you are and to accept the things you cannot change, which usually aren't important anyway.

      If you don't like being fat and you sense he would like you thinner, get healthy. The more positive changes you make to yourself, the higher your self esteem will get. What makes many people feel good about themselves is the journey to doing something. You can't just cry about something and do nothing.

      Also become a lot less obsessive by distracting yourself with attainable goals. Some being sticking to a meal plan for month, reading a new novel, learning a new healthy recipe off the net and cooking it for him. If you want him to be truly interested in you, be interested in his happiness. Involve him in your journey to self improvement also.

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  • Are you serious? You think you can justify acting this way by pointing to him liking a picture on Instagram? No wonder men are second guessing women these days. Amazin

    • I will just break it off for his sake.

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  • Why would you break it off because he liked a girls Instagram. Are you that insecure? He finds you attractive because he is dating you. It’s not you have never liked a picture posted by a guy before, and he definitely wasn’t trying to hurt you by liking a freaking Instagram picture. Jeez.

    • Did you see the photos?

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    • If you do that say it’s because you are too insecure don’t be that crazy lady who says it’s cuz he’s liking girls instagrams

    • According to a comment, I am already insane fat person so. I guess that's what I am.

  • He chose you though, And I bet your Amazing personality Supersedes anything Here, dear, So No Fear. xx

    • Never mind pix. Pictures to me here, der, Speak Louder than words. He love syou. Talk to him and let him know how you feel about this deal. xxxoo

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