Was I just her rebound for a while?

Her boyfriend of 4 years broke up with her in January. In February we started talking and going on dates. She said she wasn’t ready for a relationship, but despite that, she was crazy about me for about month, initiating contact all the time. Now she’s been distant for about 4 weeks. She’s stopped initiating contact, I’m worried she lost interest.

She has given me reasonable excuses though, apologizing for not being available because her life has been super crazy and saying she’s really been missing me. She said she was missing me a week ago, but still has not initiated contact like you’d think someone who’s missing you would, though.

I’m just confused right now. It feels like mixed signals. I’m trying to trust her and be patient, but i’m constantly thinking about her and worrying. It’s exhausting.


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  • Maybe she doesn’t want to bother you? Does she message you back?

    • Yes. I’ve been texting her every few days because we aren’t able to see each other in person at the moment. She’s still responsive, but we don’t have long text conversations like we used to.

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    • I have not. Honestly I feel like that would make me look weak, especially since we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. I should maybe think about asking her for the bottom line though, huh?

    • It doesn’t make you weak to ask for something you need. Don’t feel afraid. I know you can do this!

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