For those of you who had a crush on an instructor/professor, did you ever act on it? If so, how?

Because of the field I am in, I mostly teach women. More than a few have caught my eye, but since I like my job I don't act on those impulses at all. However, I wonder if any of them have thoughts like that about me, and how they might express it. What are/were your experiences on the other side of this situation?


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  • i had a huge crush on one of my professors in college but i never acted on it because it's inappropriate - he could get fired, i could get in trouble, and he was married. i asked him to be my advisor for my minor (he knew me best of all the professors in the department) and i worked extra hard in his classes and went to him for help and advice to do better. but i never flirted or did anything that would indicate i had a crush on him.

    • that said, if he was single and little younger i might have tried to flirt just to test the waters. but i wouldn't have acted on it, at least not while he was my professor.

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    • Fair enough. Might I suggest grad school? :P

    • done with that too.

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