How do women feel about men who are shy and not confident?

Asking for a friend (not really LOL)


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  • Depends on the person tbh, I can't talk about most women but a good amount like a guy that's a bit shy, I personally don't mind it too much, tho side note, it is an issue if your confidence is so low that you don't know what you want, that shit is annoying. That I can say almost all girls hate

    • Thank you for the answer. The problem I have is that though I'm not shy all around, when it comes to women in my interest I hide my feelings and avoid approaching them at all cost, so only thing I could hope for is for them to have the same feeling towards to me and hope that theyd approach me first. Is this unrealistic?

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    • Negitive dude, if a girl comes up to you (aka comes up to chat you up) it's usually to see if she could like you, if she walks you to you and you straight out say "I really like you" it'll scare her away, it's pretty startling for a guy to do that.

    • lol just trying to really gauge what you are saying.. thanks for ur answer :)

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  • It depends on the girl. I'm not into them. My friend only dates guys like that. Different people have different types.

  • I feel like they are shy and not confident

    • HAHAHA i guess the question is more along the line of whether youd find them attractive or not.

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    • Lit, thanks for the answer.

    • No problem 😊

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