Guys, Is he interested or nah?

Basically I met this guy. He used to look at me a lot at school & one day I went and talked to him. When we would initially text (for the first month), he would answer to my texts relatively quickly, but then with time, he started taking time to respond.

He initiated to meet once and we did and it was chill. We kept texting after that, but he would take more time to reply. The second date, I was the one who initiated and he was cool about it. The date was interesting & he was very gentleman-ish, but he did not text afterwards. He sometimes replies to my stories on snapchat & I answer back, but that's about all the convo we have.

When I talk to him or spend time with him, he's chill, but he doesn't really initiate conversation by text messaging and takes a while to answer though he comes online. So what's up? What may be going through his mind? May he be interested or not? Why does he do that and what can I do in this situation? Help me guys, please. Thankss! :)


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  • Yes i think he is interested in you
    But do you also love him?

    • If he is interested, why does he not try to talk and stuff?

      I believe I am starting to develop a bit of feelings for him, nothing too serious

  • Hug him. If his head his toward you, smelling your hair/neck is good sign
    Head toward the outside is bad sign


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