Why do girls care about size?

About cock size, when lesbians can be perfectly satisfied.
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  • Actually, the studies show that size does matter, but not in the way most men typically think of it.

    Victoria University in Australia did a study. They showed women pictures of good looking men wearing clothes - tuxes, suits, casual attire, etc. - and good looking men in the nude. The women were asked which guys we sexier. Overwhelmingly, the guys in attire won.

    Then they showed women pictures of nude men. Some had erections, others not. The women were asked the same question: Who is sexier? Overwhelmingly, the guys with erections won.

    The theory is that, in evolutionary terms, primitive women were looking for the males who would have the healthiest sperm, could therefore produce healthy offspring, provide food for the woman and her baby, and ward off rival males and predators.

    The clothed men suggested that these were alpha males who could sate that female evolutionary instinct. The men with erections - when compared to other naked men - had the same effect. Erections were the way that primitive man attracted females. It was a form of display - and women have an evolutionary instinct that still responds to that.

    That is also, by the way, why you get the gym scene where men are comparing themselves to each other while trying to look like they aren't. It is the male competitive instinct. By evolutionary habit, the guy with the bigger penis wins and is the alpha male.

    The irony is that penis size does not really, generally, impact a women's sexual satisfaction one way or the other. Rather, it is more a matter of implicitly, at an instinctive level, of the male displaying to the female to satisfy her instinct to mate with an alpha male.

    It is, as with women in many respects of sex and love, more about context and feelings. Less so about the actual act of sex.

  • Most of us do not care. The majority of women cannot orgasm trough intercourse anyway.


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