Do you need some sugar?

I was interested in sugar dating for while because I love older, well established men and I wanted to experience some of the finer things in life. However I feel like only slim 'classically' pretty girls are wanted by these men. Even if I was thin I'm not the beautiful Victoria's Secret model type. What are you opinions on this matter?


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  • yeah ill take a cup cake right now if someone offered it

    • Pop tarts, cheesecake, frozen yogurt, mango pudding, jolly ranchers, swedish berries, fuzzy peaches, cherry blasters, starburst

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  • Well you're 22 so that's a huge plus.

    • Because I think it's like 21-25 year old women are the most attractive to men of all ages.

      Even a 70 year old man is still going to prefer the company of a young beautiful woman. Not to mention that it's kind of a status thing for us to date younger women.

    • You are only 33 so don't class yourself with a 70 year old lol

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