Toothbrush after 6 days?

So I started dating this chick 6 days ago she's stayed over at my place 6 days in a row so yesterday when I stopped to get some body wash she asked if it was cool if she grabbed a toothbrush and some shampoo to keep there and that seemed reasonable because she was spending a lot of time over at my apartment. My friends say it's weird. I'm all for hygiene so I think it's cool what are your thoughts?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • As long as you know that it's not just hygiene, that it's a way of marking and claiming territory, then that's fine. If you think it's just a toothbrush then you are in trouble.

    Your friends think it's weird because they see beyond the obvious.


Most Helpful Girl

  • She's Clean in Between.
    NP. xx

    • Now, u may have to worry when she says "Maybe I should move in next week. xx

    • That's prolly where I would draw the line. I mean she lives in a college dorm in a room that's smaller than my room that she has to share with 2 chicks she hates. I don't blame her for spending all her time at my place.

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  • Not weird at all.

    • That's what I thought my buddies were like that's weird as shit. So I made this poll to see what random people on the internet thought.

    • Your buddies are fucking virgins or what

    • No they're cool but they've seen me rush in way too fast so they're warry of this girl trying to take advantage of me.

  • Your friends are a bit weird xD


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