How do I know he’s over his ex?

I went in a date with this guy which went really well. He was very keen ie:

- asked to move the date earlier to 7pm (rather than 8pm) and suggesting food instead of just drinks (which was the plan)
-saying ‘’lets toast drinks to us’
-calling me by a nickname (I hadn’t mentioned)
-touching my back when we were walking through crowded places
- laughing and teasing
- date lasted 4 hrs - we went to two different bars and one tapas
-walking me home
-touching my hand as we hugged goodbye

From looking on social media I think that him and his ex only broke up like 3/4 months ago. Her and I look pretty similar and are both into fashion and surfing..

Anyway, it’s been 5 days since the date and he hasn’t responded to my text thanking him...

Does it sound like he’s potentially not quite over his ex? He also asked me what car I have and he was like “ah no way, my ex and I had one of those and she kept, I really missed it but then it broke so I felt okay!”. That was the only time he mentioned an ex. Presume it was the recent one.

SO, should I send another fun/easygoing text or just leave it?
Also, it looks like he’s turned off his bumble location/ ability to match with people as the miles isn’t showing.

I feel like either he’s already met another girl or he’s just taking some time out.
Is this common?


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  • Yeah at times it is when guys have not decided yet on totally moving on. Just be patient maybe he'll talk


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