Does she actually want to date me?

We're best friends. Today we were talking about our other friend's dating habits and i said something along the lines of "she has such low standards-she was even willing to date me" and she laughed and saod "we should date" i didn't respond because i was kind of shocked (ive had a crush on her for a while) but we were already at her math class and so i just said bye and left. I dont know what the fuck im supposed to do with that conversation
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Edit: i just want to be completely clear, she said it like i quoted her, not like me and the other girl should date but that me and HER should date


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  • That might be her in to judge your reaction to the possibillity. Ask if she really wants to date you. You might have to be brave and admit you love your friendship but have always liked her a little more than just friends.


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  • Ask her

    • I know her and if she thought for even a split second that id reject her shed lie and say that she was joking. she's not dishonest, just insecure

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