I prefer/like blue eyed blonde girls but they are generally not into white guys. What should I do? Any advice...:(?

I prefer/like blue eyed blonde girls but they
Like I know there are very few out there that might be into white guys but the odds are not really good so I fear that is usually not worth trying... any advice?


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  • Be the male version of Rachel Dolezal, little troll! Are you not *always* spamming this site with your claims that white girls supposedly don't like white men?

    Well, after being a "trans racial" and starting to pretend that you are a black or hispanic guy, according to your logic, white girls will worship you, don't they?

    What you are waiting for?
    (this, of course, if you are not a POC guy pretending to be white for trolling purposes or a MGTOW troll, that seem to be your case)


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  • That seems to be a generalization that is really not accurate. Try blonde haired girls with varied eye color, or blue eyed girls with varied hair color. Got to be some other combination, that along with a good personality, that you are attracted to as well.

    • But why blue eyed blondes not? Why are they generally into other races?

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    • All different kinds of men.

    • What more often tho?

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  • Girls really like confident men. To answer your question, just try to be confident and humorous, and the odds will be in your favor. Girls value looks a little less than you may think

  • "Not into white guys." Citation needed...

  • Know that every girl doesn't share the same interests


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