Girls, Would you date/marry a guy who was on fixed income and couldn't drive due to a health related issue?

I'm asking this question because my self-esteem is kind of down the tubes at this point since I've been told I can't work due to my illness. It started out with just panic attacks but it started affecting my motor skills, blood pressure, and heart rate. I've gone to 6 different medical professionals, 2 psychiatrists, and appeared in Social Security Disability court. My case was considered a very special and rare case. The conclusion was that I would be unable to work anymore and I shouldn't be on the road driving because of my condition. I'm a 28 year old man, a bit overweight now due to my medications, and my income is a measly $820 a month. Would these things prevent you from giving someone like me a shot at a relationship with you. Please be honest because I need the honest truth here. I've been trying to hold out hope that I can find love for the lase 6 years and I've been single now for that time. It's really causing a lot of heartache as we humans are social and bonding creatures. I want love so bad, it's all I ever wanted. I hope I don't sound pathetic for saying that either. I'm sure a lot of my male peers would say I am a simp or a beta, or some other insult to attack my manhood.


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  • It would be hard to say without actually being in the situation. If we really got along with each other and we loved each other, then something like that wouldn’t be an issue. It would be an issue is he was always down on his luck, always complained about the situation and seeking pity. It would be hard for me to stick around. If we were already together or married and then this came up. No I would not leave him.

    • to be completely honest I am not using this as the sympathy card. I just dont want a woman thinking I can't still be fun to do things with like going out and seeing movies, going to dinner together, or thinking that I am lazy. I would want to do nice things like keep a nice, clean house, and cook for her, stuff like that. I would make sure I paid for my own utilities and such and make sure I wasn't being a burden financially. I would want to still be the same guy I always am around her and look past those things that held me back. I'd want to be all I could be for her but is that enough?

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    • Oh I know you aren't I was just trying to help clarify the situation a bit. thanks for your honest opinion on the matter. I greatly appreciate it. I just always had the impression that most women liked things clean and orderly (based on what I've been reading on a lot of dating profiles).

    • You’re welcome. Sure who doesn’t like to come home to a home cooked meal and clean house. I think it’s because it’s not something I’m used to and I’m always the one doing that kind of stuff in addition to working 40-50 hours a week. Like I said... from me it would be appreciate greatly but I wouldn’t want him to do that all the time. We’d have to cut those chores in half at least.

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