Im bad with girls. Does this mean she likes me? And is it weird for an 18 year old to date/hu with a 16 year old?

So there was a parade in town the other day and me and my friends went and had a little to drink.
Now usually im really shy and whenever i talk to girls, I start stuttering and sweating (any advice for this would be great btw). The booze was kinda wearing off but i was still feeling it a little and I was still feeling the confidence from it a little.
So i went to mcdonalds and as soon as we get there they closed the inside. But the drive through was still open. So as im walking outside I see the girl, and confidently (thanks to the booze) I say "cmon lets go outside and order from the drive thru" So she comes and we order our food through the speaker. Then I say something to a guy driving by who I knew and she found it funny and laughed a little. Then I check my phone for a little and I look at her and i noticed she had snapchat open, but she wasn't taking pics, she was just checking her face in the camera. So then anyways I go into a nearby store use the washroom, come outside and see her waiting at the window for her food, so I go and do the same.

I light my cigarette and walk over there, and I notice again she had snapchat open. Now at this point I was walking up behind her and she didn't see me. Then she notices me has a big smile on her face and asks if I wanted to be on her snapchat. Then she notices the cigarette.

This makes her ask me how old I am and I tell im 18, she then with kinda half smile says "oh im 16" and we both make eye contact and smile at each other for a few seconds.

So I had the feeling she liked me but at this point I was kinda questioning if it was weird for me even date a 16 year old. I know its legal where i live but is it wierd?

So anyways after a few seconds of smiling my food is ready and i go up and grab. She does the same. I walked away (shoudve tried to get her number at least say bye but i didn't because again i was worried about the age thing

did she like me?<br /


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  • U were under the effect of alcohol.

    • so? I was barely drunk at the time

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    • Alright but why does that matter>

    • Cuz you cannot be drunk always when u meet the girl. So the first impression was not u. So at the end when the real you get show off, it will be the deciding factor.
      Cuz Logically thr girl do not know if u r drunk. or not.

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