Going to my boyfriends house for the first time? Need help ASAP?

Okay so my boyfriend and I are both always working so we never have time to see eachother, but we’re both off on Friday so we want to hang out. Now this part isn't the problem, our parents allow us to go out in a public setting no problem, but we live in a small town so there’s not much to do and we’re both trying to save as much money as we can bc we’re saving up for our cars. So he told me how he’s going to have his house alone to himself and we can hang out there, but my parents are definitely not okay with that yet. (We’re both 17 by the way and not planning on doing anything “sexual” but they won't care) It’s been a while since i’ve seen him and i really want to spend time together since we never can so I’m trying to come up with a way to go.
Okay so he lives in my town, but not walking distance so i’d have to take an uber. That part i know, but i dont know what to tell my parents. I was thinking i could say we’re going to go rollar skating (since its somewhat nearby) and then from there i’ll go to his house and then take an uber back to the skating rink where my mom/dad will pick me up.
Is that believable? Or do you guys have any other ideas?
Also i know some of you may think “well if you’re not allowed why would you go” and it’s just because i know my parents mean well but im responsible and i know what to do and not do and i feel like they should be giving me this room to make these choices and what could end up being “mistakes” so i can learn from it and actually experience life instead of being caged up in my room all day.
Going to my boyfriends house for the first time? Need help ASAP?
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