Asking questions to a serious girl is bad?

I had a crush on a girl an she's like super serious girl, an she's really kind to, but the point is, she's used to ask me every morning, good morning an (how are you), so one day I asked her not seriously just randomly I said SAME QUESTION EVERYDAY AN THEN WHOLE DAY YOU DON'T EVEN ASK ME WHAT YOU DOING an after asking this she's like mad at me in a crazy way, she said ok I won't ask again, an she brokeup with for for this,... An she still not responding to messages, I message her every single day.
But she don't care. So I wanna know, I really made that big mistake? Is it reall big point to breakup, end the relationship?


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  • were you in a relationship or you just had a crush on her. she probably tought that she was bothering you and you were mad at her so she saw everything as you being extremly rude to her

    • Nope actually everything was good. We both love each other but that day she suddenly broke up with me, Even I was shocked to like what happened. But from that day she stopped talking an never replied yet.
      An i message her everyday like idiot.

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