Should guys always be the one to ask for a relationship?

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  • Girls should also be the ones to start a relationship
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  • If you are traditional and view the man as the initiator, the hunter and the dominant one, then sure it is the guy doing the final asking out. And this goes with saying that many men (at least in my life) had no problem being the hunter and making the final move of asking me out. Some men are perfectly OK being the dominant one.

    If more non traditional and you think men are not the hunters and you dont live by these ideas of the man as the one in the power position - then sure. It can to both ways.

    It comes down to your personal views and traditions.

  • Okay, so in most peoples minds, starting the relationship comes after dating..

    I have always let the woman decide when it is a relationship. When they want to escalate in that direction, they will let it be known, even in a subtle way.


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