Why did he text me the next day after this fight?

so i met this guy. we got into a fight about sex or whatever it was. this is a little bit of the conversation... why did he text me the next day?

him-dude your fkn crazy
me- ur just mad cause you can't have me, you are crazy, your fkn bi polar
him- ay im blocking, stupid ***
me-ur the one who said u have mental issues
him-you're so stupid
me-**** you
him-**** you
me-im so glad i didn't hang with u, so glad u never fkn touched me

next day...
him-are you done being stupid


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  • Damn this is almost as bad as me and my ex's fights XD

    He's trying to reach out to "make up" but doesn't want to just come out and say he's sorry or whatever because he doesn't want to show he "cares" I guess. It's the typical "are you done being angry so we can forgive and forget?" Me and my ex used to do this to eachother all the time lol. He's obviously been thinking about it/you and doesn't want to just give up and call it there, but he's still a bit annoyed and being passive aggressive.

    You have 2 choices:
    - Ignore it if you don't want to "make up".
    - Reply saying something along the lines of "I wasn't being stupid, this is how I feel, bla bla bla." And try to get a calm conversation out of it where you can both explain how you felt and why the argument happened. Try and be understanding and apologize for saying things you clearly shouldn't have said.

  • Sounds like he wants to continue the fight

  • Oh hell no... reminds me of my previous relationship. It was toxic for both of us. You will fight with him very often. He wants to make peace with you now but he doesn't want to apologize. However you should apologize too. You can't just throw his mental problems to his face. Its shitty thing to do. But I would recommend stop this relationship cauze it will be toxic.


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