Are your sexual and romantic preferences discriminatory? How far is too far?

Do you agree with the notion that your dating preferences are either, racist or sexist or transphobic or discriminatory as Zinnia Jones or Riley Dennis suggest?

Here's a link to Riley's video:
Are your sexual and romantic preferences discriminatory? How far is too far?Are your sexual and romantic preferences discriminatory? How far is too far?
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  • No, preferences are natural, you can't control them.
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  • Preferences can't be controlled. And honestly, Riley J. Dennis is a disgusting piece of shit and says lesbians are transphobic if they're not attracted to trans women, which is just nonsense. You should never force yourself to be attracted to someone you would never see yourself with.

    • The things is that riley said that she didn't want to date trans people when she wasn't one, which simple shows that only reason they have taken this stance is because people that they want aren't dating them post their claim of identifying as the other gender.

    • Yeah. I just... really don't agree with her. Trans women are biologically male, and lesbians and attracted to biological females - so, women. This is like telling gay men that it's transphobic not to date trans men, even though they're in no way attracted to them.
      Being gay or straight is not discriminatory, basically. Sexuality can't be changed at will. So when it comes to which sex you prefer, it's not something you can change just like that.

    • Amen

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, no one gets to tell me what i do or dont want to put my penis in, and they sure as shit won't make me feel bad about it.


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  • Everyone has preferences, that doesn’t mean they are not willing to date a certain type of person just because that person doesn’t fit into their preference... I for one would date all the non “preferences” listed unless it comes to a point where the persons health is at risk (such as being morbidly obese)

    • So if you are straight then you would date woman or transman with female genitals just because they aren't morbidly obese?

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    • @TheFriendlyOne umm okay 🤔🤔 I don’t really see the logic in that lol

    • @Julia420
      There isn't any logic behind it, but as we all know the SJW dont care about logic, all they care about is feelings, and oppression olympics.

  • It entirely depends on your reasons for why you won't date certain people. If you simply don't feel attracted to them, that's not discriminatory. If you don't feel attracted to black people not because you find them physically unattractive but because you think of them as lesser people because of their race, that's a whole different story then. But that's not preferences then.

    I wouldn't date a transgender man. I don't have any issues with transgender people whatsoever, I respect them and support their rights. I just don't feel attracted to them. There's nothing I can change about them.

    Nobody "should try to work through that" unless they want to. What these two wackjobs Jones and Dennis are basically saying with this, is that preferences shouldn't exist. That we "should" feel attracted to virtually anyone and anything. That's preposterous.

    Oh, and of course Jones only adresses straight men, not straight women. What a joke.

    • I agree. Thank you.
      But isn't it is still racist to dislike black people in general. Even if you don't think of them as lesser?

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    • @Prankster13 Racist pig. Don't pollute my sight with your disgusting bigotry. Begone.

    • @prankster13
      You are racist, no amount of justification is going to change that

  • Um. I'm definitely racist. I like cupid and white girls. Balme it on my name.

    I'm sorry. But I will never date a man or a black girl. No. No. No. Just no.

  • I am transgender and very fortunate to have an open minded man to which my heart belongs. This bigotry that is there most of the time isn't just with straight men, I have personally seen it with gay men as well. Sadly it is very hard for people to accept. My guy is one of the few isn't afraid to be loved by someone outside his norm. He identifies as straight but also sees me for the beauty I have inside. I wish more people could find that because it made a world of difference for me.

    • Congratulations and good for you.
      No one is saying that trans people shouldn't be loved, the issue is with trans people like zinnia and riley demanding that straight people or people who are not sexually or romantically attracted to trans people should work through it and if they don't, then they are discriminating.

  • Preference isn't prejudice. Just because im attracted to someone for something, it has no relation to the opposite.

  • No that's stupid. Having preferences when it comes to dating doesn't make us bad persons.

  • I do think that when choosing partner it's the only occasion when you should be allowed to be sexist, racist, ageist etc

  • Preferences are natural
    These girls are obviously not

  • I don't have

    • What?

    • Okay okay! I know I'm racist. But I am not trying to make a big deal about it. It's not like I'm in the KKK. I just don't like them. I'm not a pig. I just don't like them. Why is that so bad?

    • Oops sorry wrong comment. Well anyways I think @Pamina blocked me.

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