What are your standards?

Just be honest, i won't judge. Be as shallow as you want.

Here are mine
Under 5'7" (170 cm)
Muscular Fit body
bodyfat between 10% and 17% roughly
Hair down to shoulders or longer
High self esteem
Mentally stable
Financially responsible
Politically open minded
Non smoker
No big tattoos
Similar libido to my own
You don't have to meet all of these to date me, but the more the better.


Most Helpful Girls

  • 1. mentally stable
    2. Liberal/same political values
    3. Likes my kind of music
    4. Artsy
    5. Not over concerned with sex
    6. Can smoke/drink if they want but not around me
    7. Plays a guitar (preferably bass)
    8. Long bangs
    9. Glasses
    10. Kind of emo
    11. READS
    12. Intelligent
    13. Has nice friends who aren't idiots
    14. Tall
    15. Preferably dark brown hair
    16. Shaggy hair
    17. Has to have done something out of the box once in life
    18. Has to be a bit rebellious

  • 1. Taller than me or the same height
    2. Skinny (or chubby) not muscular or super overweight
    3. Not a political extremist, or not a general extremist
    4. Not mean or an elitist dickhead
    5. Preferably drinks and smokes marijuana/psychedelics (not addict)
    6. Medium to high libido
    7. Kind of a weirdo/fine with my idiosyncratic self
    8. Verbal
    9. Relatively intellectual and studying
    10. has good music taste
    Turns out by boyfriend fits all of these :)

    • What's wrong with a muscular build, if i may ask

    • Just not a fan. I’ve always been into arty boys or nerdy boys both of which tend to be skinner. I also grew up crushing over jim Morrison, jimi Hendrix and your every run of the mill junkie musician so maybe it’s that. I’m also not sporty and I don’t go to the gym so it’s both a basal attraction thing and a commonality thing.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Wow i never thought of these things in my life\
    One standard i need, love and that is it, all i have thought about
    I know , i would look at fit girls and pretty ones, but in the end of the day i wouldn't let that be as a standard


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  • 18 to 80 deaf blind or stupid.

  • Female & older than 27. Preferably educated.


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