Why hasn't he kiss-kissed me yet?

Alright so I've had this rollercoaster relationship with a guy I met last year in college. I say rollercoaster because the whole thing is pretty confusing. We hit it off right away, it's super evident we're attracted to each other, we flirt nonstop. But we're not officially dating =/ Well I think it's safe to say we both like each other a lot and can see us going somewhere but he says he's scared to screw it up. I just don't understand why he hasn't really kissed me yet. We've had this super flirty relationship for a year now. He's kissed me plenty of times but he doesn't kiss my lips. He's fine kissing my cheek, forehead, neck and shoulders but he hasn't really tried to kiss me. He has a couple times but the first time he had a bit to drink and it was just a few pecks. The second time it was just really late and we were laying down and I made the [second ever] move but he didn't really try to keep it going and again it was just a few pecks. Third time came a few minutes later and he did initiate it but it was the same thing. I don't get it. I really feel like he does want to but I don't know why he holds back. All I know for certain is that I'm starting to get a little crazy when he holds me so close and moves his face even closer to mine as if he's about to kiss me and then doesn't. What do I do?

hey - thanks for the advice =] third time is a charm, right? He kissed back AND initiated it =]


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  • You kiss him, the next time he does that.

    It's so obvious he's sending you signals he wants to kiss but is waiting for you to take control of bestowing a kiss.

    so just kiss him.


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  • kiss him.

  • Kiss him. He's just shy apparently (maybe not when socializing with you, but when actually being physical with a girl). He might not have ever even made out with a girl, so feels unsure of what to do.


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