Just need some advice! What do I do?

I guess I have been down lately about relationships. I've been single for a while now and I'm ready to date. Right now though, there isn't anyone in my life that I would want to date. So I'm frustrated right now because I like the security and regularity of a relationship. However, I'm not willing to settle. I'm waiting for Mr. Right to come along. Basically what I am asking is how do I become content with my situation right now. I've always heard that as soon as you stop looking for a guy, he will walk into my life. But it's hard not to look! Help!


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  • Well I hope my advice helps even a tad. What occurs to me is that I don't want you to get down on relationships. True, lovers seem to appear when we seek them the least, however, waiting for serendipity is hard on even the most patient of us. I am still agonizing over the time gaps between romance, and guys don't have a biological clock? I wonder, as lately I feel, it's too late, really even for me. Can't have a family and the steady, security stuff you recognize too as what satisfies us when we are in a great relationship. I've often been told that the wait for Mr Right or in my case, ms right, is the wrong goal as we must begin our search from the point of view of our own wholeness. We are right just as we are, complete and finished, not a puzzle with missing pieces. So, you keep being yourself and loving who you are, where you are and grow where you're planted. Poised, confident, and strong women now really delight me and excite me. Lots of ways to be content, pray, take courses, study what you know, play an instrument, paint, dance, read and give of your talents to anyone who needs it, even if it seems, as I believe, I have nothing anyone wants. It's hard and I don't want to sound glib or insensitive, but I feel you. For me, I've had to be silent, more patient, forgiving of others and exes, just drop my agenda and do more with others and forget about my desires, etc. And I'm selling AVON now. Go figure, a guy selling cosmetics, but I need the job and it's a great product and opportunity. Never dreamed of being a farmer either. Always wanted love, but have had to put it off. Hope you enjoy whatever you encounter.

    Thank you, take care and best wishes.

  • You need to know what are all the things/activities that make you happy which you yourself can perform. Then go do them, don't be so down about waiting for Mr. Right.

    He'll eventually turn up, and just keep that idea in your head.

    And don't think you shouldn't be looking, because you should.

    Just don't let your search take up all of your time and don't let its endlessness get you depressed.

    Always tell yourself, "I deserve the best, that's why I'm waiting for my ideal person."


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