Got a dinner and a movie tomorrow...really nervous. Is it even a date? Does she even like me?

I ate lunch with a girl this week and we arranged to meet this weekend. We talked on the phone today to set up specific plans. I had originally suggested an afternoon movie the day before, but she said "Isn't 2:00 a strange time to see a movie?" Today, I said we could go see a movie in the evening, but eat dinner at an Italian place beforehand. She agreed and said "I've only had Olive Garden...but I liked it. I asked her if she wanted me to pick her up and she said "Oh, it's fine we can meet on campus" (she lives fairly close to campus) so we set a meeting place there. Even after all that, things are still pretty vague (we forgot to discuss what movie we're seeing!).

She honestly didn't seem that excited (more unsure and uncertain than excited) and there were some uhs (Ex: "Uh, what restaurant?). She did a little laugh right when she was hanging up, which really got me nervous. What if she's laughing at me for being so unsure and unconfident? I know she agreed to get together in the first place and we hit it off pretty well at our first meeting and at our lunch, but I'm still extremely nervous. The whole conversation was awkward. Is this even a date? I thought when people planned dates, it was supposed to be fun, not extremely awkward.


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  • You know what sweetie? Her unsureness tells me that she's nervous too :). Seriously, usually when people have a laugh like that, it's a subconscious trigger to make oneself feel more at ease with whatever the situation is. And she's most likely wondering if it's a date too!

    Look, really, bottom line here is that it's up to you if you are going to make this a date or not. That's obviously what you want it to be, so decide now that that's what it's going to be and act as you would on a date (holding hands, etc.). When you lead the way and set the mood, she'll fall into step with that and you guys can just enjoy each others' company :). Seriously, don't over think it, just go with the flow hun! :)


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