Which guy do I choose?

Let's say that you know for sure that one of the two guys is interested in you but you don't know which one it is. Both guys are best friends but show different behaviors around you.

Guy A is more obvious by constantly staring at you but is somewhat shy and would always try to be near you. Guy B is more low-key but stares from time to time and is great at socializing.

Which guy would be the better one in approaching and getting to know more about them in order to find out the guy that is crushing you?

I must add a very important note: whenever they are alone and I am near them, Guy A seems very scared and would try to distant himself from me whereas Guy B doesn't show any fear/intimidation when I am near him.


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  • Guy A most likely likes you, and Guy B might as well. Since Guy B is good at socializing, he'd be good to ask if he likes you because if he does he'll probably say yes. Guy A might as well, but because he's socially-awkward, he might be too scared to answer directly.

    I would recommend you ask whoever you actually would be interested in going on a date with. If they say yes, great. Take it from there. If not, then ask the other one.

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    - Evan

    • Thanks for your input evan! I have been thinking the same as you and I totally see myself having a conversation with Guy B and maybe finding out the answer that I have long been waiting for.

    • Sounds like a plan.

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  • Okay hun, I'm going to be straight up with you on this (and it's not a bad thing! :))...it sounds like absolutely, Guy A is into you...and it sounds like you're OKAY with that, but it sounds like you want to BELIEVE that Guy B is into you because you're more into him than you are into Guy A. I think Guy B sounds like he COULD be interested, but he's still not at the level that Guy A is in regards of being into you.

    Bottom line - make your choice now, regardless of which one seems like they like you or not. Decide which guy YOU like the most and go from there. You deserve to be completely, brutally honest with yourself and both guys deserve you to make a choice, even if they don't know that's what's going on, lol.

    • I thnk you are totally right about me and about my situation!! I think it's hard for me to decide which guy I like since I can only judge them based on their behaviors around me..hopefully I will make a decision really soon