I really like the way black, latina, Asian girls look but not into their cultures at all. Are there any who are fully white-washed sorta?

Sorry, don't want to sound racist or anything but I really like the way other races look like but I always seem to end up with white chicks. At first I thought it was because I prefer white girls, but no, I don't. I just prefer the way white girls generally act/talk, etc.
Other races generally have the whole language/culture thing that is a MASSIVE TURN OFF for me.
Are there any that are fully white-washed tho? In order words are there ethnic girls out there that are basic white girls inside a exotic woman body?


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  • yea, there are quite a few, but you need to be in the right social groups to find them

    • Yeah.. not really lucky it seems lol. Not really many black chicks around here but Asian girls are as Asian as they come and latinas are as spicy and as Spanish as possible around here.

    • Lol, in my school there are a load of girls of different races but almost all of them are the typical white girl (behaviour wise), sorta like how I'm basically a white dude but I'm mixed/look like I'm from Spain/Mediterranean

    • Where from? Im done with school but I might pay your school a visit, lol.

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  • I'm appalled.


    1. I'm glad you find other races attractive.
    2. White people have culture? LOL
    3. You are feeding into stereotypes that white= prim and proper when y'all got some questionable characters in the south/midwest.
    4. Turn off.

    • Im italian and german b***h! we got far more culture than you afro-americans and you... BELIEVE THAT!

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    • Its alright.. there are no black chicks around here, but why do you assume all black girls are like you?
      Maybe they are not white washed as I'd probably like but I'm quite sure they are not understanding than you... many of them at least.

    • Wow what was that all about? I thought this guy was cool until he got all racial. Smh

  • This question is weird and kinda dumb on several levels.

  • If it's so good to be white stick with white women

    • Well I do for most part but Im just wondering... you know

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