Girls what would you date look wise ?

would you date someone below you in looks ? or only equal and above ?


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  • equal or below because then a guy will work hard to be with me. we're human, its only nature that the guy wants a girl better looking than him and men are natural hunters. If they settle with women who are below them in attraction, they will not put as much effort into the relationship subconsciously. I've read some articles that relationships where the woman was more attractive than the man had better chances of being successful. basically, guys have a better chance with women who is more attractive because we are not all about looks as much you guys are. Men are visual, its undeniable, why do you think we see more attractive women with average or below men?

    • So much wisdom in this answer and your only 18, I wish I had realized that when I was that age ;)

    • "because then a guy will work hard to be with me" yes because we all know how women love it when men try really really hard, you know like calling at 3 in the morning, or waiting for them to get off work standing by her car. Yes. women adore men who kiss ass.


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  • All of the above. Though in my experience, I've learned it is a lot easier to date men who, in the world's point of view, are below me in looks. Of course I won't go into all of that.

    • Do explain lol, I'm interested :)

      is it because they're grateful and less likely to cheat on you ?

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    • If the QA combines the comment of this one and the answer of maggalicious together, he has his best answer ;)

    • Great, so THATS why I get hit on all the time, its because I'm ugly.

      i would have never guessed.

  • No. I actually have dated guys who were below me in looks, so I don't know where this "if you're prettier than him he'll treat you better" bullsh*t comes from. yeah, in the BEGINNING but after he gets used to you, you're just another bitch to him. so I would date equal to above me in looks, but most likely equal to me because if he's above me in looks he could probably do better and cheat...and if he's equal then I'd still be attracted to him and things are more balanced. if I am not attracted to a man no I'm not going to date him regardless of his personality. I just won't sleep with him


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