What am I doing wrong? Getting no replies?

So, me and my girlfriend of almost 6 years split up just under 2 months ago, and she already has a new man. So I decided to raise my confidence a little and join some dating apps/sites, but for some reason every time I talk to a girl and think it's going somewhere she just suddenely stops replying. What am I doing wrong? Am I not attractive enough? Or funny enough? What is it that I'm missing? Or am I just looking in the wrong places?


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  • It all depends of what types of girls you like. there's the chance that you're hitting on the wrong type of girl for what you're looking for. If you creep her too much with compliments, cheesy lines, dick picks and so on you will most likely lose the girl. Just be you.

    • Dick picks and creeping are 100% not my thing. I do my best as just friendly banter.

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