Cancelled date last minute, seemed sincere and said she would reschedule - should I just move on?

Supposed to go out with a woman I like last night. She messaged about an hour before we were to meet...

hi ****. I’ve got to take a patient back to theatre. Gonna be stuck here for a while. Do you mind if we rescedule? Sorrry?

I said Sure, no worries

She said: I’m so sorry. Will send you alternative date!!!

I said Hey, no problem... these things happen! Please do!!

We are doctors and i get it but still makes makes me feel bad. I don’t think I should iniate again?


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  • Just let her initiate the date, i don't think it was a last minute bail

    • Thing is we’ve know each other for a few years professionally at least. We’ve been on three dates just us and many outing with mutual friends. I’m not sure how long I should wait before moving on?

      Haven’t seen her in a few weeks - she went away, I worked nights. Usual stuff really. Was really looking forward to seeing her.

    • I don't think you should be hung up on her, keep looking around. My brother is a doctor as well and he's had the same issue as well, and then he had an easier time with a partner of a different job.

    • Yep one of my friends said exactly the same thing! Thing is, I really like this woman. She’s older and I liked her the moment I met her and that has never happened before. She has been really good to me as well for many reasons.

      I’m going to give her a chance. If I don’t hear from her in a week or so, I will have my answer...

      Thanks felix!

  • Stay with her. If it happens consistently then move on. Since you both are doctors scheduling is hard especially last minute things can come up.


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