Girls: Want to keep your man's dick in a chastity cage? Men: Want to get locked in a chastity cage?

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  • I have never thought of getting my dick locked but I have been locked by a woman. I went to a nude gym out of excitement I found it interesting to workout nude. I thought I can see women naked. when I entered into reception there was a beautiful lady wearing a cupless bra there I paid the fees to join gym which was very expensive, I thought it should be coz it's a different gym. then I filled the form there were some terms and conditions listed but I neglected that as I was excited. Then she took me to a room where I was stripped and then a lady doctor came and she did my medical examination also my testicule examination. I must there were only women staff at gym. Then a muscle women who was a trainer came and locked my dick in Chasity. I was denying it but she didn't listen to me coz it was the rule for all men to get their dicks locked so that they can't get erection and also it's protection for women. I was feeling weird that a woman has locked my dick and she went away with keys. I never thought this would happen with me. But yes IAM locked now.

  • i wish i get locked in a chastity cage by my dream girl yeahh ;DDD

    • How many times per days/weeks/months do you think the girl should let him out?

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    • Yes I think that is fair and exciting

      Have you ever wore one before?

    • nope ;DDD

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