What is the procedure for dating these days?

I have finally found a girl on tinder I wanted to meet up with more than once and we have now had a second date and text quite a bit. Am I likely to be thought as weird if im not trying to move quick as I have just given her a kiss on the cheek after walking her home and kinda wanna get to know her before taking it too far. Also im looking for a long term relationship, not just a fuck buddy, so racing to the bed isn't exactly my main perogative here. As an English our dating is usually a case of getting lashed with your social group, getting with one of them and after a few months actually discussing what is happening between you so im not sure how 'dating' works and its strange for me to be romantic with someone I hardly know. And yes, I know its all personal but I just want to know what you guys anticipate in your dating timelines just to get a spectrum of feelings about the matter and check im not gunna make any major dating faux pas.


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  • Ask her why she went on tinder and what she’s looking for, she’ll likely ask you the same and just say “I’m looking for a relationship but it has to be with the right person”. There’s nothing wrong with taking it slow but you need to lay out the law kind of thing before you proceed down the rabbit hole. After a couple of weeks to a month tell her you aren’t looking for anyone else and that you want to delete the app. If she’s worth her weight in salt she’ll follow suit. Good luck!

    • I was going to have that chat next time I saw her. Just wanted to try and get to know her a bit before shooting any hot questions. Tbh I got a new phone and haven't even reinstalled it as I dont see the point if im already dating but im pretty conservative with that kinda stuff.
      Thanks for the response, im glad you think that chat is a good idea as well.

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