Am I a romantic first date guy? Or stalker?

Hey ladies this is a serious girl for a serious first date. So far Im pretty sure I want to take her horse back riding through nature, buttt before I want to have a picnic for like snacks. I want the picnic to be secluded like a field of grass for alone time/talking/private/peace but maybe where there's people around maybe a nice scenic view with traffic going by for her comfortbility? No really parks around here. Maybe I can find one. Would you feel uncomfortable if it was country secluded no traffic or people? Am I going to eat you by accident?


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  • If I were that girl, I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I’ve never seen you in person before. However, if I knew you before the date, it’d be quite nice (as I prefer the countryside). Oh and keep in mind that not all girls like horseback riding.


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