Me and my friend like the same guy, and he chose me, should I tell her?

me and my friend like the same guy in our class. yesturday we went to his house with a couple of his friends too. we watched some movies and played some cards and that. we were sleeping over so I went to get changed for bed, he told me to use his room. I went to get dressed, he showed me his room, but stayed in whilst I was changing. I told him to close his eyes. anyways after I was changed he stood up and pulled me up to him.he said he was glad I came and maybe we could hang out some other time. I agreeded and we hugged, I sort of think he had a hard on because I could feel it. then when I turned to walk ut he smacked my bum. should I tell my friend about it. he was with me for the rest of the night and ignoring her so maybe she has already figured it out. what should I tell her?


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  • At least with my good friends, we've always decided that if we like the same guy, neither one of us gets him because we don't want to hurt each others feelings.

    Think about it, no matter if you tell her or not, she's not going to be happy about this situation when she finds out.

    If you really like the guy and feel like he's more important than your friendship with her, then continue to see him. But if you don't want to hurt her feelings, then tell the guy straight up that even though you do like him, you can't hurt your friend like that.

    Imagine if it was your friend in that situation. Would you want her to tell you if that happened? And if she was to go out with him, could you stay friends with her and him?

    consider that, then make your decision.


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  • You don't have to tell her anything. Why would you want to tell a friend that a guy that she likes, likes you and not her (this includes undirectly as well). It's not the nicest thing to do and think about her feelings. I don't think you need to announce it so soon. If both you and the guy are officially together and just spend time with him etc. then she'll get the message sooner or later and hopefully accepts it. Don't tell her now.. maybe along the track but not now.

  • is losing your friend really worth getting this guy? no offense, but the way you described him, ie: he stayed in the room when you changed and smacked your butt, makes him sound like he just wants to get in your pants. is it worth it to you to drive your friend away by having a fling with him?

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