What do you do when you just cannot get over a woman's past?

I was talking to a girl for several days who had never been in a relationship before. She is young and in university. I only seek girls with no relationship past, no exceptions.

Well, I come to find out she has a male best friend. I immediately dropped her.

I don't know what to do. I feel stuck. I come so close just to fail again.

She claims there is nothing going on between them, but who knows, it could eventually turn out to be something, even later (even decades) down the road. At least they get to say they knew each other during those times of their lives. I cannot. I am older and past traditional college age.
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Forgot to mention I never had a girlfriend


Most Helpful Guy

  • Get the fuck over it.
    You sound like a predator.

    What you want is a slave who only listens to you.
    That's some fucked behavior.

    • No, it the the hypothetical situation of a woman reuniting with someone from her youthtime and it being a sweeter outcome. They got to spend that time of their lives with each other. I didn't.

    • Then step your own game up.
      Not be threatened by any girl who ever had a male in her life.

    • I don't think you understand. I am older now. I am past the traditional college age. I am not a college kid or high school kid anymore.

      I cannot say me and a girl met when we were both in our youth. That time has gone.

      However, this best friend that she has can say that. And she can say she knew him during that time of her life.

      It is not about stepping up game. It is about a sequence of events that occur at the right time.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Woaaahhh, really? Why do you like girls that have no relationships before also have no male best friend?

    • It is because of the hypothetical situation to where they can reunite with someone from their youth and it be a sweeter outcome.

      Just think, her and her best friend are college kids who have spent that youthful time with each other. That time they can remember. I cannot say that.

    • Ohh maybe you just overthink too much the situation.

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  • Wow. Get over it. Sorry if you think thats harsh but this isn't 1950.

  • I think you need to loosen up your standards. It's pretty unrealistic

    • Maybe, but I will not compromise.

    • That's the problem. The foundation for how relationships can function at all is through compromise. You need to realize that you're not the only person in a relationship, it's not all about you, your needs, and your standards.

    • It is about the hypothetical situation of her reuniting with someone from her youthtime and it being a sweeter outcome. Because they were able to experience their youth with each other and I was not.

  • lol that isn't even like a relationship, couple wise. I was expecting to read something dramatic here wtf xD

  • It's just a best friend.

    You are over thinking things.

  • You are either living in a past, or an imagined future. What you are missing is living in the now. Look at the words you used..

    ''hypothetical situation..''

    ''eventually turn out to be something''

    ''even decades''

    ''past traditional college age.''

    You are making most of your decisions either based on the past, or an imagined future but you have forgotten about the now.

    I'd suggest you read the book Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle.

  • Your very selfish and very shallow. Good luck with your life being single.

    • I never had a girlfriend. I can expect a girlfriend to never had a boyfriend.

      Not only that, there is the hypothetical situation that exists to where a girl can reunite with someone from her youthtime and it be a sweeter outcome. They got to experience and remember those times of their lives with each other, I didn't.

      I blocked her. I will have nothing to do with her.

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