Why don’t they just become a couple?

I don’t get it. He obviously likes her (he gets jealous when she seems to get close to other guys) and she seems to as well. They are always together, going on holidays alone staying in the same room, always texting each other. They are inseparable. Yet they still seem to be either just friends or hiding a relationship very well. She moves away when he gets too close. I don’t know if she’s just nervous? They have been friends for 3 years and they are going away together for the second time this year. Maybe she’s using that to try and get closer to him?
  • They will eventually - she just needs time
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  • She’s probably just not interested in him that way
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  • There could be other guys she likes Andrew she’s being indecisive
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  • They are already secretly dating
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  • Other
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  • She is just leading him on
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