My boyfriend refuses to tell his ex-wife about me, what should I do?

My boyfriend (37) and I (23) have been together for 6 months now and have moved in together. (We are actually moving away to Germany, where he is from). The relationship is serious and we have even talked marriage. I love him so much and he is (despite a huge age gap) the most amazing man I have ever met. He treats me so well and shows me love constantly. I know the age gap might be freaking you guys out but I honestly don't think it matters if two consenting people of age love each other. (I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong lmao)

Anyway, he has been married once before and has now been divorced for about a year. He is still in contact with his ex wife (which I'm totally ok with) because they have a house up North that needs to sell. We live quite far away and he never sees her. He claims he has no feelings whatsoever for her and I believe him BUT he will not tell her about me when they talk. He says it's just an uncomfortable conversation that he doesn't want to have. Honestly, it kind of hurts me and I've expressed that to him many times but it doesn't change anything. I have left it alone and want him to tell her in his own time (not being forced by me or some shit) but it still bothers me.

Am I wrong to feel this way? What should I do? Part of me feels that he is more worried about his ex's feelings than mine but part of me sees him as such a wonderful guy so it doesn't add up. He is very trustworthy.

Thanks everyone!

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Hey everyone. Thanks so much for all the opinions! Its really helped me handle this better. I agree that i shouldn't be concerned and to just trust him that he has his reasons. I think it's valid that they are selling property together and telling her might interfere. On top of that, there really isn't any reason she needs to know. Its his own life and he is moving on and she doesn't need to be involved anymore than necessary.

I really appreciate everyone's inputs.

Thanks so much!

My boyfriend refuses to tell his ex-wife about me, what should I do?
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