I have developed this longing for a relationship, where do I begin?

A few years ago wben i decided to quit high school, i thought what the hell could be a problem

Well couple years later now, the only thing i seem to miss is the girls. Not that im some deranged playboy but the chance and plsceto actually meet new girls...

Where i usually meet new girls is durin clubbing, but its hard to start a serious relationship as most girls obv look for a night grab (so do men by the way lol)
I've been lucky now twice tho
But the first girl is not my type at all and the 2nd lives in another country so its hard to make an appointment and my interest just fades away

I hate dating apps because i hate texting andi just hate it overall

So what should i do? Rely on the club circuit to find a girl? Wait till i have a job and find someone there?


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  • She's not loyal and she won't be loyal to you

    • Its just weird and texting is boring for these long distances, but i admit, she is the one texting me first mostly means she is keen on meetin me

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