Metrosexual men vs Rugged men?

I find both attractive, though I lean more to rugged guys.

Metrosexual men vs Rugged men?- More Urban
- Considered more "feminine" but not, just more groomed, usually clean shaved, sometimes totally hairless.
- May use make-up or powders
- Cityscape style, non functional clothing etc

Metrosexual men vs Rugged men?- A bit more into nature / country
- Considered more "masculine," but not, just less concern about primping, usually hairier.
- Tend to have outdoorsy skills and a huntsmen appeal
- More basic functional clothing style, heavier jeans or leather for woodland activities after work or such

Personalities are subjective. Rugged men are stereotypically the manly ones, but there are manly metrosexual men who just prefer city life and an eyebrow wax.

I like rugged men, only because I prefer hairier rougher looking guys. A little dirt in his hair and under his nails. I also like older time country things, and usually those are the guys into the same things.

Ladies, what kinda guy do you like? Can explain if not listed.

Men, which types do you relate to? Can explain if not listed.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm sorta a goth that's too old to be a goth ;)

    I was raised as a woodsman in the mountains. I do like to dress up, and I'm a ballroom dancer, but I relate more with the more practical guys that you're calling 'rugged.'

    I'm mostly put off by 'metrosexual' and even 'lumbersexual' types of guys. They try to look manly, but they wouldn't survive a week without the amenities of modern life. I view them more as charlatans than anything.

    • I like gothoc men. there's some nice goth clubs in my city I go to some weekends. Great music. I like the victorian goth guys, very gentlemanly. Reminds me of the joys of that era

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    • Wow, I wish they had victorian homes like that where I live. There are a few, but they aren't cheap. And most have been turned into attractions. I've thought about building one eventually, but right now, it's not a high priority on my list. Maybe if I ever decide to get married ;)

    • there's a tan one I really like, its about 350,000.00. Only thing is they run off of such old heating and plumbing units, that you have to modernize them which is the expensive part.

      So its easily about 500,000.00 to get it just right lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • There's, like, no such thing as metrosexual. That's just a man who likes to take care of himself. I don't mind either as long as the guy actually showers every day and puts minimum effort into looking decent, nothing fancy.


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  • Definitely more a rugged guy, but that's mostly because I was brought up in a country house/manor and I was always helping the workers with stuff, so I still prefer that kind of lifestyle

    • Its a fun lifestyle. I was raised in a metrosexual household, so we were all primped and pampered lol but I preferred our country roots

  • There are real men, effeminate men and gay men.

    Any man that moisturisers is not a man. He's a nancy!

  • Metro sexual, definitely. I generally find the more attractive

  • Rugged man

  • I am a metrosexual.

  • Girls want the metro but with ruggedstyles and mix

  • I’m in between but prob lean more towards metro. While I love outdoors and mts and climbing etc, I shave or groom everything as my woman likes that as well and says I don’t pull off a rugged look lol. But I don’t powder or makeup or things like that lol.

    • Lol true, some men look much better hairless, or trimmed up

  • Honestly for me I don't see myself in either category. I usually keep myself timed and grow facial hair, but will shave it when I ask a girl if she wants me to shave or not before a date. Clothing wise I generally always wear jeans and a nice shirt during the work week or t-shirt. Weekends jeans or athletic shorts and tshirt unless something is happening. No make up.

    I would say more rugged, but not super rugged.

  • Both

    • Lol hard to pick sometimes

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