I'm not sure if i'm in love... is it love or infatuation? what do I do? should I try?

when i started having a crush on my boyfriend who was my best friend i always wanted to see him and looked for him , i always wanted to pass time with him , my first kiss is with him, the first time we kissed i heard his heart beating so fast, we made promises to each other and he loves so much probably more than i love him. i really love him but when we became together i'm not sure anymore i don't get butterflies , i don't miss him anymore , it's okay if i don't see him even a whole week i think i'm weird... and i can't let him go either we're good together , he's perfect , good caring, he always buys me gifts and since we were best friends i know every detail about him and he knows also. should i stick with him? i think he deserves being loved


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