Is he being flaky?

I've been "talking" to this guy for almost a year now. (were both 18 btw) We basically treat each other like boyfriend/girlfriend but refers to me as "just a friend" in public, even though he's told me he loves me and we've been on a few dates. Maybe he's scared of commitment? He still hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend.

He's also super sensitive, will get offended with me about the slightest things and he overthinks everything. Well occasionally, (this has happened 2 times before) he stops texting me and disappears for anywhere from a day, to 3 weeks. We usually talk every day. Back last December I was going to be staying with him at his place, and he disappeared until my trip was over.

I texted him yesterday but he didn't respond even though he's active on social media. So just to make sure he even got the text I messaged him today asking if he got it. He still hasn't responded and is active on social media. What is going on? I'm supposed to be on another trip where he lives Sunday, but it looks like he's disappeared again...

Advice? It feels like he's stringing me along...
I asked him if he got the message and he said "No I didn't" and so I just said "Oh okay" because it was obviously delivered... anyway then a few hours later he asked what I said. I told him. Well he ignored me again so a few hours later I asked if everything was okay. He's ignoring me still and is active on social media. What the heck.


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  • Is this one of those alternate universe stories where the roles of ignoring the others texts is switched genders.

    • I guess... I'm not like other girls. And he's definitely not like other guys.

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    • Girls in this universe never text back

    • I've heard. One of the many reasons I don't like females.

  • I likes you but is ashamed
    Find a real man that is not afraid of commitment


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