Is saying this gonna be too honest and direct?

Last night, I asked out one of my best friends, and she initially declined, but said she wasn't against dating me as long as I know that she may not develop feelings for me more than being a friend.
We have confirmed our date already, but when we talked last night, I told her I've liked her since I've know her (and she probably knew that) and I just wanted to give it a try.
What I want to say to her, is that I hope being honest with my feelings wasn't weird or awkward for her, and I just wanted it to be known and I hope things could progress, but know what I'm getting myself into.
That was her words. To know what I'm getting myself into
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  • Hey, don't sweat all of this, if you go in being nervous and unsure she's going to just confirm that this wasn't a good idea. Instead surprise her. Be confident in yourself. Why shouldn't she be interested in dating you? That's the mindset you want. You want to show her why she should look at you differently. Be yourself and be confident in it. If it still doesn't work out, oh well. You did well enough to get this far, more than some people so keep it up!

    • So I already sent her that message. Just putting it out there. She didn't say anything back, granted she is wanting to touch base tonight to confirm our date. I just wanted to be honest and set the tone in a sense. What should I do?

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    • That's good. Hope all goes well!

    • Thank you very much man

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  • You need to tell her exactly how you feel. The time is entirely up to you, and you will know when.
    From what you have said, she's a very reasonable person. She'll understand. Also, she's right. You need to understand and accept what she said (I'm not being pessimistic, jic)
    Hope this helped. Good luck. 😊

  • Be honest

    • Could saying that be too much?

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