What happened to my guy? I'm suddenly getting the cold shoulder.

I've known this fella for 6 months. He chased me pretty good. He's always been eager and wanting to hang out as much as possible. Always text/call me often, without me ever pushing him. Always wants me around. We just started referring to each other as girlfriend/boyfriend a few weeks ago, to family and friends. I think, we were both a little hesitant to rush into anything serious. Now, last couple days he had a weird attitude. I didn't really address it, just kinda gave him his space. He went on a week hunting trip. He's back. Didn't tell me he was home. I did run into him and we were both friendly/happy but the visit was brief. Isn't calling/texting me anymore. No "Good morning Babe" "Goodnight Darlin'" Nothing. WTF? I don't know if I should ask him, or just leave him alone. Is he just over it? Is he waiting for me to address this? I don't like drama and I don't want to seem like an annoyance. I don't know what to do.


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  • did something happen or not happen when he went on his trip? how much space did you give him and did he interpret that as your cold shoulder in regards to the trip? how often do you talk to him, before the trip, during his trip, and after?

    don't address it, figure it out for yourself before you start the drama

    • Nothing happened on his trip that I know of. He was hunting with his father and camping out. I didn't text once during his trip, but I'm sure his phone wouldn't have had service. Before the trip I still talked to him often, throughout the day, and almost always he wants me to sleep at his house. I went ahead and sent him a simple text this morning, just asking what happened to us. No response so far. I guess there is no way to figure it out on my own and not much I can do about it.

    • But, thank you for answering and offering some thought! It helps just to talk about it and hear feedback :)

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