Why didn't he kiss me, do you think he will next time?

So I went out with this guys this weekend it was great. We went to the movies then he made me dinner. He didn't touch me the whole day, after dinner I gave him a massage, and he pulled me close and just held me. He started to Caress my body. But he never kissed me! It would have been the perfect time, but he never did, not even when he took me home. Why? Also he kept saying how pretty I was, how I had the perfect body, and how great it felt to hold me.


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  • Although it would be the male's role in intimate contact to take the lead most of the time, perhaps this was a cue that you missed because he was not confident enough to go the extra step to deliver a kiss. The question is not necessarily, "Why didn't he kiss me?" it could be, "Why didn't you kiss him?" instead.

    • OMG you're so right! I wanted to, but I honestly don't know why I didn't! I'm extremly shy, he always acts so confident and cocky, and I know I was showing interest in him. It never crossed my mind that maybe he was shy about kissing me. I will not miss my cue next time :)

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  • it kinda sounds like he was waiting for you to make a move. it can be really hard to kiss a girl for the first time. maybe he will next time. if not then you are going to have to get some balls and do his job.

    • That sounds right

    • Oh that makes sense I guess. I'll totally kiss him next time. Also I've known him for a few months, we've been out a few times, but he hasn't made a move since yesterday. But if he touches me like that agian, its on! XD lol

    • There you go. you got to look at it from his perspective. if he acts too early he could dampen the relationship with you that he already has

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  • he might have wanted you to make a first move or maybe he just doesn't like to kiss on the first date. I really don't no why he wouldnt. you should go on another date. see what happens and maybe ask him

    good luck!

    • Thank you so much! also we've known each other for a few months, but this weekend is the first time he mad a move! I'll totally go for it next time ; )

    • Your welcome :) congratz!!! hope that goes well!

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