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Does my ex still love me?

My ex and I broke up almost two years ago now. It was the hardest thing ever, and distance was mainly the issue after he moved 8 hours away for a job.

After our break-up and things cooled down, we kept in contact on and off. We both agreed that no matter what, we would always be special to each other, even if we weren't together.

After he got into a new relationship a few months later, I knew I had to move on for good, so I blocked and deleted him, and changed my number.

After a year of no contact, I reached out to him, out of the blue. He seemed really happy to talk to me and we continued to talk off and on.

His girlfriend eventually found out about our phone calls and texts, and she got mad. She pretty much gave him an ultimatum, so he and I didn't talk for a few weeks or so.

When he was drunk, he started calling me again. One time he called me drunk, she was there and they got into a fight. He continued to call and text me, so I think she just gave up.

Two nights ago, he called me. She wasn't home and it was just him. I had just had a night out at the casino, and was drunk.

He asked me if I wanted to video chat, and we did for four hours. He kept staring at me, lovingly and intensely, and kept telling me how much he's missed my face and kept making comments about how cute my laugh is. He also told me he still loves me and said he's always had feelings for me, even though he hasn't been very open about it in the past. He also said, "it doesn't matter what girl I'm with, you'll always be more special to me."

Do you think he was just saying all that? Or does he actually still love me?
Does my ex still love me?
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