Why guys are going to college in lesser numbers?

So I've asked a few questions about why guys are going to college in lesser numbers...why guys do worse in school etc.

And, in my mind there's 2 options

1) the educations system is not tailored to fit boys learning methods

2) boys are lazy and or stupid

I get responses like "well guys just choose not to"...and my argument is THEN THEY'RE DUMB!

It's stupid to not try and make something or yourself. Sure, some people find careers without school...but the majority end up flipping burgers, making zero money, and relying on food stamps...and what kinda of girl wants to marry a loser guy like that?

I think girls fail to carry this full circle for example:

If someone put a fork in the toaster...would you say they were dumb for doing that or "o, they just CHOSE to electrocute themselves..doesn't mean they're stupid" um yes it does...and so does not planning your future.

So, girls do you look down on guys that don't go to school and have zero ambition? I mean, would you want to marry one?

And honestly, YOU make think its not big deal that men aren't graduating as often..but how would you feel if men were contributing more to society than your own gender? It can;t make you feel too good about having a vagina if the opposite sex are the real movers and shakers in society can it? that's how I feel about men nowadays. Be anonymous if you have to, but just be truthful..don't let the threat of being labeled sexist or anti-male make you compromise your true feelings?


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  • No, I wouldn't date a guy that lacks ambition/ goals and doesn't go to school or have a degree. I was raised in an educated family and I expect the same; education is valued in my family. I want some one who is cutlured and wants the most out of life, not greed...self-improvement and growth! and please, if you are gonna speculate as to why boys are not succeeding in school due to teaching methods...please explain, details! and if it is the teaching methods that are causing a drop in male pursuing degrees, then that just tells us that men cannot learn under diverse teaching methods. Education was built for men in the first place, so I don't think the methods have changed much since and its not like women complained about the classroom teaching when they first entered higher education back in the day, they took advantage and got themselves degrees! lectures has always been the traditional way of teaching, more men are better at hands on, but if lectures were traditional ways of teaching and men were the only ones allowed to continue their education in college centuries ago, then how come men are not graduating if they were taught under lectures, which was obviously tailored for only men since education was made for males? we have more hands on schools now a days, which is great for males, so I don't see a reason why men are not educating themselves. The problem is that people settle, we live in a well developed country (U.S.) and people are settling for less because they know they can still afford the Iphone/xbox by working at Mcdonalds. lol what a shame! this is just my hypothesis...

    • Theres a book called "the War against Boys" that goes into depth on the issue..however, I am not arguing that its the system but I AM saying that if you don't believe its the system then you MUST accept that boys are just stupid/lazy....period...and most girls tip toe around that..but its the truth..I believe boys are dumber and lazier.....im just trying not to be on eof them.

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    • U don't respect trade schools? So someone who knows philosophy is more impressive than someone who keeps your house and car maintained? seriously...get real..im glad your honest tho.

    • Yes ha ha jk that is ridiculous, I don't mean in that way. I personally meant I want a guy who can think critically and in abstract....not hands on lol don't get offended, everyone has a different persepctive and prizes different talents.

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  • You know...I haven't finished school yet. I have 3 different AA's, but I haven't committed myself to finishing a bachelors yet...that being said, I definitely think that I can't hold a guy to higher standards than I've been able to meet...that just wouldn't be fair. HOWEVER, it DOES make a difference on whether he's making moves to better himself or not. I plan on going back to school and I'm currently bettering my situation to get to that point and get money together to do this...I would expect the guy I'm going after to have that same kind of drive.

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    • You know what, to me, you're making moves to better your life - if I met you in real life, knowing those things about you would not turn me away. Don't stress sweetie! Just be yourself and have a little confidence - this is only a temporary situation for you!

    • thanks...i hope there's plenty of girls that share you outlook out there. :)

  • "So, girls do you look down on guys that don't go to school and have zero ambition? I mean, would you want to marry one?" To me there is a difference between not going to school and having zero ambition. I actually married a man who did not go to college, but has all the ambition in the world. He is successful at his job. He is a tree care specialist and does not need a degree, more of like hand on training in that field.

    So I would say I do not look down on guys who do not go to school, as long as they have ambition and work hard to make a living.

    "And honestly, YOU make think its not big deal that men aren't graduatijng as often..but how would you feel if men were contributiing mroe to society than your own gender? It can;t make you feel too good about having a vagina if the opposite sex are the real movers and shakers in society can it?"

    I don't give a damn who contributes what or how much or what gender they are honestly. I don't see why it has to be some competition to see who is better.

    • So it wouldn't bother you if you lived back when men ruled the world?

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    • So you think the male gender is generally mroe cut out for leadership then? I mean mroe womena re educated...but you still see most CEO's and especially Congress is dominated by men...and that doesn't bother u?

    • Again it does not bother me. I think that is the way it should be. I get that more women are educated, but I don't think education is enough. Most women do not have the emotional strength or the right personality traits for leadership positions in major corporations or politics.

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