Went on a date with someone I met online and need help.

So I met this guy online and we talked for a few days and then he asked me if I would like to meet and I said yes and we did. He gave me a box of chocolates and asked me to take a walk, so we went to the mall which was right near the place we met at and he brought me lunch. Then I to go and he walked me to my car, and on the way back, he asked me what was going through my head. I said I had a nice time. Then we get to my car and he asked me if I wanna go out again and I said I would like that. Then he says, what did he mean when he asked me what was going through my head and if he was really interested in seeing me again wouldn't he ask for my number rater than him ask if I wanted his? Please help me!


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  • Well, if he's online dating, he's willing to take risks..so he wonders if you are thinking one that is enough. He's wondering, just like you are wondering..he probably thought it would be too forward toa sk for your number.

    Sounds like the typical nice, shy guy to me!

    • How long should I wait for him to call me? I don't have his number. Sometimes I just think if a guy really liked you and wanted to see you again he would be calling you asap.

    • Hemay be just busy, or wants to call you when he has time available, or oesn't want to look desperate!!!

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  • Oh honey, I think you're over-thinking this! Obviously he does want to go out with you again because he asked you if you wanted to go out again. He was probably asking if you wanted his because he couldn't read you (which is apparent when he was asking what was going through your mind). Call him. Hang out again. Get to know each other. Stop stressing out, go with the flow and enjoy yourself :).

    • Wise words!!! RElax, accept that the odds are stacked against you...

    • Idk, maybe he was just being nice to me when he asked if I wanted to go out again.. I don't have his number, he has mine. I liked him a lot. He was such a sweet guy.

  • He asked what was going through your head to find out if the date went well, and maybe he couldn't read your body language to know if you like him or not. Some guys aren't aggressive to ask for your number right away. Maybe he's shy, and scared of rejection.